Valuing Information Architecture and Opinion followers.


Information architecture is essential but it’s not a black or white model. Information architecture is a grey area that depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your website. “In web design, we are mainly talking about strategizing your web content so that it is easier for users to find what they are looking for (Grace).” Someone who doesn’t know your brand must have a clear understanding and interest about your brand. Your headlines should be short, concise, and generally use great verb usage to engage your viewers.


But what is your brand trying to accomplish? This question needs to be answered first. What do you want to be the identity of your brand, but more importantly what do you want people to feel, think, and be when they own your product or buy your service? Twitter for example has an amazing information architecture that users all around the world know, use, and read about in their daily lives.


The brand needs to be top notch to gain more clients or customers. “Brand management as a practice has been accredited some distinct advantages for firms, such as improved customer satisfaction and loyalty (Mart Ots).” Improving your customers satisfaction and loyalty is key to gaining a general public that become opinion followers. They will form a bias, preference, and advertise your brand to others that don’t know of your product or service.

The two-step flow of communication model says that most people form their opinions under the influence of opinion leaders, who in turn are influenced by the mass media.  If you’re a leader of a company, you must be an influential opinion leader. A prime example of our age is Elon Musk. He is such an influential leader with his brands and identity that his name and accomplishments establish his brands as a “must have” and “pioneer” of technology. Musk employs this flow of communication via his Instagram. He is the one that premiers the new tech and breakthroughs that his team at Tesla creates. Your brand and identity should become “elite.” To reference Twitter again, Twitter is a brand that people immediately think of and go to when it comes to media, politics, and entertainment. It is a brand that spans so many important aspects of our lives and brings it all together into one useable, navigable, and friendly interface.



Ronald Adler & Russel Proctor, “Communication and Identity: Creating and Presenting the Self”

Joyce Grace, “Information Architecture with WordPress: Tips and Tools to Use”

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