Finding your audience.


In the music industry analytics and statistics are essential to building a marketing campaign, gauging what works and what doesn’t, and the numbers determine how much revenue a band or company can potentially make. No more does this industry have to solely rely on the “sound” of an artist.

With social media pages and especially band pages the music business wants the artist to become a prurient impulse for the social media consumer. According to Tuten and Solomon, “prurient impulse is when people may feel curiosity about others and want to feed this interest (Tuten & Solomon).” The music industry has changed, and I believe the artist/musicians must become a brand and a celebrity to the fans, not just the person that creates the content. They should spark curiosity in people’s minds and in tandem, creating better numbers and analytics.


The music industry is a number game and metrics are so important. They determine the opportunities you get while touring, the opportunities when it comes to releases and labels, and knowing what songs/content works and which ones don’t. Companies don’t try to make decisions purely on assumption anymore and instead have all these metrics to determine if the music or band could be successful. With the Internet data is ever so important to find what is going to drive sales, whether it’s social media interactions or numbers on streaming services like Spotify. What you listen to and purchase when it comes to anything now is essential to advertising, data is gathered on what you like and according to Lee, “The rather convoluted online bidding is to guarantee the ads displayed are relevant to the users’ query (Lee).” Users will be advertised certain concerts, festivals, and also clothing that is sold by merchandising companies.


My expertise with understanding the usefulness of outside links being essential for SEO optimization and understanding Search Traffic/Referral Traffic/Direct Traffic is essential to analyzing the people interacting with your content. These “traffic sources show you how people are finding your site (Barden)” and this is important to know. Mike Mowery the CEO of Outerloop Management says, “great content done consistently over time” is essential to being successful in the music business. Driving traffic to your content is essential and if you have desired content it will drive traffic from all three different angles.


Tracy Tuten and Michael Solomon, “Social Consumers”

Mickey Lee, “Google Ads and the Blindspot Debate”

Ben Barden, “A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics”



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