Designing Communication Strategies.


Uses and gratification theory states that “consumers use the media to satisfy specific needs or desires. This is what a company wants to achieve with media. If you satisfy their needs and desires with digital media, that could translate in the company’s monetary needs and bring the fans out to shows as well. “We do believe that there are truths but think that the idea of truth need not to be tied to the objectivist view (Lakoff & Johnson).” There are many truths that are subjective to your audience and your advertising should appeal to them.


The power of advertising can trigger impactful emotions, “Aggression-related cognition was measured using a word recognition task. The logic underlying tasks such as this is that when a construct (such as aggression) is primed, cognitive association theory predicts that activation spreads to other related information in memory (Buchanan).” Simply the words you use can make a consumer act upon their emotions and way they interpret your media. You can draw particular audiences with similar tendencies and emotions with the advertisements and media that you put out to the world.


“The findings also show that there is a strong relationship between Use of Online Media and Behavioral Intention, which means if an individual is an intensive user of Online Media, he/she would have intended to act in some activities and after a period of time, altered and to become a kind of behavior (Lee).” What is interesting with music is that people can become super fan, and these fans are the ones you want because they will spend the most money on you, the brand. Analytics are important but gaining the super fan that starts eating, breathing, and living your music and products is the type of atmosphere you want to create with your media that you put online.

“With the emergence of the Internet as a major news source and an important social platform, scholars have launched investigations into the democratic potential of digital media (Ognyanova & Ball-Rokeach).” Uses and gratification theory and this democratically potential can provide your fans directly with votes and polls that can influence the direction your company and digital media is prepared.

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